Original Foods is committed to the production of safe, quality products for our customers. We have implemented a Food Safety and Quality Management system (SQF Code Edition 8.1, Level 2: Certified HACCP Based Food Safety Plans) as guidance and standards to meet this objective including all regulatory and customer specific requirements. 


We will achieve this by:

  • Providing adequate resources, communication, review, and training to ensure maintenance of our program.
  • Open communication and regular reviews with our customers to ensuring we meet their objectives and expectations.
  • Staying informed and current with regulatory requirements by signing up to relevant notification websites and communication forms
  • Continually improve our practices and process by setting annual food safety and quality goals, monitoring those throughout the year and reviewing it as part of the management review process.
    • To increase the strength and size of the QA Team to sustain our growth.
    • To update the QA Program by streamlining processes on the key drivers for Food Quality and Food Safety associated with the risks pertaining to our specific products and processes.

At Original Foods, we test our Food Safety & Quality Management System on an ongoing basis through internal audits and inspections. The system is also tested at least annually against the benchmark GFSI standards through our SQF audit.