Food and Confectionery Experts since 1947

Original Foods has been producing and selling food products under its own brand, as well as private label brands since 1947. Our customers include some of the largest national retailers and food service providers in Canada. 

In 2014 Original Foods consolidated three facilities previously located in Quebec to Dunnville, Ontario, where its headquarters is now located. Original Foods employs more than 130 people.

We are the leader in caramels, marshmallow items, table syrups, and specialize in seasonal candies and confectionery foods. Original Foods produces under a multitude of branded and private labels and is highly adaptive to market trends and needs.


Custom solutions Our private label experts will customize solutions suited to your needs. We offer a competitive edge over national brands and your competitors. Range Our dynamic product development team can create new recipes to match leading national brands. We are one of the industry leading suppliers of private food products.

Our Confectionary Products


Our confectionary line includes Caramels, Satin Mix, Grandma Kisses, Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, and cotton candy.


Caramels Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry syrup’s Table syrups (Maple flavour) Sundae topping sauce,  Assorted chocolate covered marshmallow items,  Assorted hard and soft candies i.e.Halloween kisses and vanilla drops, chicken bones, etc.

Your Favourite Seasonal Items

Classics like Grandma Kisses, Halloween Marshmallow Brooms, Mallow Bats, Vanilla Milk Caramels, Halloween Kisses and more!